The Dangers of Distracted Driving

driver texting while on road

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving takes place when a driver fails to focus on the road or removes their hands from the steering wheel when driving. Although several reasons may make a driver distracted, mobile phones are the common form of distracted driving. This article provides a general overview of the dangers of distracted driving.

What is Considered Distracted Driving in Florida? 

Generally, mobile phones are the primary source of distracted driving accidents for drivers aged 16 to 24. Therefore, parents need to discuss the dangers of distracted driving with their teenagers. Teens and adults are likely to become distracted in their driving when they use mobile phones that are not hands-free. When a driver lays their focus on reading a text message or dialing a number, their hands are usually off the steering wheel or eyes off the road. Regardless of the duration it takes, this can be extremely dangerous.

Other forms of distraction include paying attention to a conversation with other passengers in the car or looking back at the rear seats to see what the kids or pets are doing. It is also common for many drivers to become distracted when changing the car radio or checking the GPS.

Typically, distracted driving is viewed as negligence according to the law, particularly if it causes severe injuries due to any material case fact such as drinking coffee or using a mobile phone while driving. If you are injured in this type of accident due to a driver’s negligence, it is essential to seek help from Orlando car accident attorneys.

Types of Distractions 

Cognitive Distraction

One of the main issues linked to distracted driving accidents is an untimely response to situations and conditions on the road, particularly when driving at high speed. An action that drives away the driver’s focus off the primary task of controlling their vehicle safely may cause cognitive decision-making skills such as worrying about life’s problems while driving.

In the United States, several states have enacted laws prohibiting the use of mobile phones while driving to reduce the number of accidents caused by distractions. Mostly, they only allow the use of hands-free devices. However, this also poses some dangers, since some drivers can be distracted from just talking on their mobile phones. Furthermore, simple things such as listening to music or the radio can be an issue. Other forms of distraction include viewing video devices or loud passengers. Promoting focus on the car and reducing cognitive driving is usually a recommended safe driving tactic.

Visual Distraction

Any action in the car that needs the driver to look away from the road can potentially lead to an accident. Although mobile phone usage tops this list, even disciplining a child can be a distraction. Other visual actions that may lead to trouble include tinkering with the GPS devices and drinking or eating while driving. Anytime a driver focuses on other things rather than the steering wheel or the road, it could be a potential hazard.

Manual Distractions

A driver should always focus on the road and have both hands on the steering wheel. When devices such as radios were installed in cars, this created a debate on the safety nature of the devices, since the devices need a driver to reach out to them to control or adjust the setting while driving. Nowadays, simple actions such as talking on a hands-free mobile device can still cause an accident. Therefore, it is crucial to remain focused on driving.

How an Orlando Personal Injury Attorney Can Help if You are Injured in an Accident Caused by Distracted Driving

It is essential to note that distracted driving cases can be complex when an injured victim tries to recover from damage. Your legal auto accident attorney Orlando FL must provide evidence that the defendant was acting negligently while driving. Therefore, it is crucial to seek legal help from dependable and experienced auto accident attorneys Orlando, who deals explicitly with driving matters and conducts thorough investigations while handling the case.

A victim’s choice of Orlando auto accident attorney can make a significant difference in these emerging issues of car accident cases, particularly in high-value cases due to severe cases. Are you in need of car accident lawyers in Orlando? Reach out to us at Blevins and Adams Law Group Orlando auto accident attorneys and let us be part of the solution you need and deserve. 

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