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At Blevins and Adams Law Group, our motto is “your injury, your accident, your money.” Florida law allows injury firms to charge attorney’s fees of 33.3% – 40% of the gross settlement. However, at Blevins and Adams, we only charge 25% for your injury case. This is a savings of 8% – 15% which may be a saving of thousands of dollars in your pocket. The large checks showing the gross settlement are a good marketing ploy but they do not tell you how much the client actually received. At Blevins and Adams, we pride ourselves on how much our clients actually recover and put in their pockets. No client of Blevins and Adams will receive less than what our firm receives in fees and our clients will recover more than they would if they use a firm that charges 33.3% – 40%.

At Blevins & Adams Law Group, we never charge a fee unless we recover for you.

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