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Not every accident results in visible injuries or broken bones. A vast majority of cases involve “soft tissue” and brain injuries. These injuries are not always immediately identifiable. Soft tissue injuries involve everything from knee and shoulder injuries to spine injuries. Bulging discs and herniated discs in your neck and spine can be debilitating and get worse over time. Spine injuries range in severity from minor aches and pains to invasive surgeries. While neck and back injuries may not be visible, they can be some of the worst injuries a person can sustain.

Brain injuries are similar to spine injuries as they are not always readily apparent. Brain injuries are difficult to detect and difficult to treat. However, brain injuries can be life changing. The brain controls everything from motor functions to your emotions. Thus, if you suffer a brain injury, you could be changed forever. It is important to see the correct doctors to ensure your injury can be treated correctly.

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