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Blevins & Adams Law Group is dedicated to helping our client during one of the most stressful times, an injury claim. We understand that an accident claim is disruptive to your life. An accident causes physical pain and discomfort but can also impact your career, your personal life and your relationships. We strive to help balance all factors in guiding you through your accident claim. You did not ask for this to happen to you but we will help get you through the process successfully. Jon and Mike are dedicated to utilizing their extensive experience to get the best possible results for their clients.

Most law firms are concerned with the amount of recovery. While, the end result is important, it is not the only factor to be considered. Blevins & Adams Law Group prides itself in ensuring our client receive the best medical care available. All doctors are not the same and it is important that our clients are treated by the best doctors available. Once our clients receive the best medical care, then we can shift our focus to the end result.

Our firm’s dedication to our clients and the community is evident in our fee structure. “Your Accident, your injury, your money” is not just a slogan, it is the way our firm operates. Client do not pay any fees unless we win. Also, regardless of the amount of recovery, our clients always take home more than whatever the firm earned on a case. We help ensure this happens by charging the lowest fees of any personal injury law firm: 25%. Most personal injury attorneys and firms charge fees 33.3 – 40%. Lastly, we are dedicated to contributing to local charities. Specifically, we are supporting of charities that have a direct impact on the community to which we all belong.

We are different. Blevins & Adams Law Group is truly focused on the health and success our clients. Many firms will say this to you but prioritizing our clients is built into our firm. Call, text or email anytime for a free consultation.

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