Florida Is A No-Fault State: We Explain What That Means


Florida Is A No-Fault State: We Explain What That Means

Florida is the Sunshine State with a large population and many drivers out on the road every single day. Given the number of people out on the roads, and the fact that Florida is prone to less than ideal weather for driving (plenty of rain hits the state on a regular basis, not to mention the threat of hurricanes), it is typical for an Orlando car accident lawyer to see a lot of work in a given year. It is important to know what the various aspects of auto laws are in the state of Florida as they may come into play if you are involved in an accident there. 

“No-Fault” State

Florida is one of many states that are classified as being “no-fault” states. This term is confusing to a lot of people who are not familiar with the industry, but Orlando catastrophic car accident attorneys will explain that this simply means that both drivers in a given accident will turn over their information to their auto insurance companies to handle any claims related to the accident. The purpose of setting it up this way, as Orlando car accident attorneys can explain, is that it makes it easier for injured parties to seek out medical treatment without worrying about the specific cost of those bills at the time that they require treatment. 

Getting Medical Treatment As Needed

There are a lot of reasons why states decide to set themselves up as no-fault states or not, but most have cited that they want to allow those involved in car accidents to have the time that they need to get medical care and other resources. They don’t want people to put financial concerns above concerns about their health. It is easy for people to do that when they are concerned about how this accident will impact their ability to put food on the table. Central Florida car accident attorneys will always remind people that the best thing they can do to help their case is first seek medical treatment before anything else. The case is not going to get better if they allow their injuries to get worse by not seeking treatment. 

Just Compensation 

A lot of the work that an Orlando accident attorney does has to do with filing paperwork back and forth with the insurance companies. There is generally a negotiation period between a lawyer and the insurance company to work out what kind of deal they may want to make before this thing goes to trial. Any good attorney from the Blevins and Adams Law Group knows that the insurance companies do not have the time or the desire to go to court for every single accident that comes across the docket. Rather, they want to clear them off of their books as rapidly as possible. For the insurance companies, these cases are like an annoying gnat that is buzzing around in their ear. They would much rather get the case out of the way than try to deal with that gnat any longer than absolutely necessary.  

Even Orlando minor car accident attorneys know that they can generally get a decent settlement from the insurance company if they are willing to sit down with them and go through the back and forth that is required to get this right. They just have to play the game and make sure that their client understands the process that they are going through to make this all happen. 

One thing to remember here is that you should always lean on your Orlando personal injury attorney to help you out throughout the duration of your case. It is the worst thing ever when a person speaks directly with the insurance company that they are attempting to sue. It may seem like the insurance company is calling you to try to work things out, but what they are really doing is trying to gather evidence that they can use against you and your claim. Always refuse to speak to insurance companies in this case and direct them only to speak with your attorney. You will fare much better if there is just one voice that is representing you in this case, and that voice should be the one of an individual who has spent a significant amount of time in law school to get where they are today. Find a quality lawyer to represent you, and you should be just fine. 

Here at Blevins and Adams, we take a unique approach to our fee structure. We believe in giving back to the community, so instead of following the usual 1/3 for pre-litigation and 40% for litigation, we will use a 25% fee system from the very beginning to the very end. That means between 8-15% of the extra fees Florida attorneys typically charge you. We believe that the best way to use the extra money is to give back to you and our local community. Of course, there is no fee if we do not win for you. But when we win your case, the lower fee percentage could save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!

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