What Types of Damages Can You Recover from a Car Accident?

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What Types of Damages Can You Recover from a Car Accident?

Unfortunately, car accidents are inevitable, and you can never predict when you might become involved in one. Regardless of your specific skill as a driver, you could become involved in a car accident at any given time. If you are ever involved in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, you might wonder what types of damages you can recover. While car accident lawyers in Orlando Florida can provide you with an explanation, here is a brief overview:

Economic Damages

Economic damages is one of two types of compensatory damages that those involved in Florida car accidents could possibly claim. What exactly are economic damages? These damages include all the costs that are directly related to the car accident and that were incurred as a result of the accident. They can include:

  • Medical expenses – this includes expenses that began to accrue from the moment of the accident’s impact. It can include everything from the cost of the ambulance ride to the hospital, all costs incurred at the hospital, post-hospital release medical visits, and even future medical treatment related to the accident. Your Orlando car accident lawyers will provide you with adequate counsel and representation, ensuring that you receive everything that you’re entitled to.
  • Physical therapy and home health agency services – if these services are a necessary part of your recovery, you will also be entitled to have physical therapy and home health services covered as part of your economic damages claim.
  • Any loss of wages – if the injuries you incurred as a result of the accident result in loss of work, either in the past, currently, or in the future, then you should include it in your claim. This should include lost vacation pay, and other pay, depending on your job. You are even entitled to lost wages as a result of the accident should it result in your need to change careers.  
  • Compensation for loss of services – if your accident injuries prevent you from being able to maintain regular services that you’re used to maintaining, then these may be included in your claim. These services could include lawn care services, housekeeping and much more.
  • Loss of personal property – your car accident attorney may be able to assist you with obtaining compensation for the loss of your vehicle as well as any personal items that may have been inside the vehicle that were also damaged or lost. 
  • Childcare – if you were paying to have your children cared for prior to the accident but you can no longer do so, your auto accident attorney in Orlando can assist you with including payment for this purpose included in your claim.

Non-Economic Damages

This second type of compensatory damages isn’t as easy to prove as the first type, but when it is, it can provide some additional and much-deserved compensation. Non-economic damages aren’t directly related to loss of income from the accident and they include pain and suffering, physical impairment, mental anguish, and disfigurement that resulted from the accident. In cases of death as a result of an accident, the family members of the deceased can sometimes make an additional claim based on loss of consortium. Loss of consortium means that a spouse or children have lost the ability to enjoy a relationship with the deceased due to the accident. The best car accident attorney Orlando FL has can further advise you regarding these types of damages.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are sometimes awarded to victims involved in car accidents, which includes damages beyond basic compensation. Punitive damages are intended to punish the offender and are often awarded in gross negligence cases such as DUI, DWI, or texting while driving. While punitive damages aren’t awarded regularly, when they are awarded, the state of Florida limits the total amount to $500,000 or three times the compensatory damages, or whichever is greater. 

So, if you’re in need of one of the most experienced car accident lawyers Orlando has, give Blevins and Adams Law Group a call so they can determine what they can do to assist you. These attorneys will review the details of your car accident and assist you with obtaining economic damages, non-economic damages, and/or punitive damages, if it is found that another driver caused serious damage in the car accident.  

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