How Car Accidents and Semi Truck Accidents Differ

car and truck accident

Road accidents are common regardless of the area that you live. Both passenger car and semi-truck accidents result in injury, death, and property damage. However, at first glance, you might view car and semi-truck accidents are similar. Although they might have similarities, there are several differences that you should know.

Differences in liability

Only one or two parties will be held liable in a car accident if the driver and owner are different parties. On the contrary, a semi-truck accident will entail more than parties. Those involved in a semi-truck accident depend on the owner of a semi-truck, the driver’s employer, and the relation between a trucking company and a driver. It also depends on whether the trailer was empty, a loaded trailer, or with no trailer. It is better to know that Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations highlight that the trailer and tractor are two different commercial vehicles. Therefore, in some cases, only the tractor’s owner or trailer might be held liable.

Those dealing with the cargo, including consignees, freight forwarders, brokers, loaders, and shippers, might be held liable if an accident resulted from improperly secured cargo. Not only that, third-party repair and maintenance firms can also be held responsible if the accident occurred due to lack of maintenance of the semi-truck. Consequently, you might need a great deal of technical expertise and research to determine the at-fault party. Fortunately, at Blevins and Adams Law Group, we have the best Central Florida tractor-trailer accident attorney who is ready to help you.

Diverse regulations

In a car accident, insurance adjusters or Orlando Car Accident Attorneys will attempt to find out the situations that lead to a crash. While system technicalities might contribute to semi-truck accidents, in most cases, car accidents occur due to human faults, including distractions, over speeding, and inappropriate stopping or braking. In this case, our Central Florida Minor Car Accident Attorneys can easily determine the faults that led to the accident. On the contrary, the truck’s size can contribute to an accident when the truck has issues stopping or does not turn properly. After determining the cause, they will make a comparison of the driver’s conduct with the Florida rules of the road to determine if the driver acted negligently. Getting a Central Florida Car Accident Attorneys will help you understand these regulations better.

When it comes to a semi-truck accident, the regulations and rules will transverse the road rules. In this case, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Act needs drivers to abide by various safety standards, including drug and alcohol testing, regulating the number of hours they will drive per day, periodic evaluation, and background checks of drivers. Violations of such regulations offer a basis that our Orlando Minor Car Accident Attorneys can establish liability.

Insurance services

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It is easy to get personal car insurance based on Florida’s coverage specification. Some aspects such as personal records and years of driving will determine the amount of money that a car insurance company will charge you. However, semi-trucks have more complex needs and need more liability. For instance, the requirements for truck owners who opt to lease their trucks and those who operate them on their own will vary. Also, the semi-trucks will have a higher cost of insurance compared to cars. In this case, aspects such as the semi-truck hauls, the credit history, and the age of the semi-truck will determine the cost of insurance. The higher costs of insurance associated with the cargo transported and semi-trucks cause significant damages. As a result, the insurance companies will try their best to fight any claims raised. Higher coverage translates to the availability of more funds for compensation. Our Orlando semi truck accident attorneys can help to explain the amount of coverage that you are entitled to.

Why should you involve our attorney?

Due to the complexity of the investigation, evaluation, and filing of a lawsuit for car and semi-truck accidents, you should contact our qualified and Central Florida tractor trailer accident attorney at Blevins and Adams Law Group. Working with professional Orlando Car Accident Attorneys who understand the intricacies associated with car and semi-truck accidents will increase your chances of receiving the settlement you deserve. At Blevins and Adams Law Group, we are dedicated to helping to fight for the rights of injured victims in Florida. You should avoid the mistake of attempting to handle insurance corporations or carrier companies on your own. It would help if you did not settle on the less settlement that you deserve. All you have to do is to allow us to maximize your compensation by holding the negligent parties accountable for the harm they contribute as a result of a car or semi-truck accident.

To learn more about your options and rights after a car and semi-truck accident in Florida, you can call our practice to schedule a free consultation with our Central Florida semi truck accident attorneys.

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