Posting About Your Accident on Social Media — Why to Avoid It

posting on social media

Posting About Your Accident on Social Media — Why to Avoid It

Have you recently been in an accident? Do you reside in the Orlando, Florida area? The Blevins and Adams Law Group can help you.

The central Florida car accident lawyers will handle all the legal business while you put your life back together again. The legal responsibility is theirs to assume, as they put all their efforts into ensuring you receive the maximum possible compensation for all your expenses and needs.

In addition, the Orlando car accident attorneys ensure that consistent, routine communication is maintained, so you always have up-to-date information regarding the status of your case.

While the central Florida accident attorneys cannot control the speed of the court’s schedule, their goal is to move the case along as fast as is reasonably possible. The Orlando accident attorneys provide prepared guidance on the issues arising regarding your matter with proficient moral honesty.

Reasons to Not Post Photos on Social Media

Understandably, you may want to vent your frustrations and anger on social media. But know that insurance companies are trying to limit your settlement and have investigators who can access your social media accounts for any information to use against your claim. An insurer could use your posts in any or all of the following ways.

Accuse you of Negligence

Most likely, you will say the wrong things when you are distressed and angry. You could accidentally say something the insurer could use to blame you for the accident. For instance, you could mention how you “never saw the car” or how you “were unable to stop in time.” A clever insurance investigator could twist this to claim that you were distracted while driving. But central Florida accident lawyers will strongly advise against going public with any information regarding your accident.

Downplay Your Injuries

Posting information on social media about your auto accident could erroneously portray you as “a phony victim” because you look physically and psychologically healthy. If you post photos of yourself appearing to be healthy, even if you are in pain — it could portray an incorrect image of an individual whose injuries are not as severe as they claim.

Importance of Keeping Information Private

Unfortunately, unscrupulous people on the Internet are looking to use your information for their personal gain. It’s essential to keep information private, so they cannot use it to harm you. More importantly, you need to protect yourself by not revealing anything online that others can use against you. Orlando accident lawyers strongly advise against sharing information on social media that an investigator or attorney could use to harm your case.

How a Lawyer Can Help

The Orlando car accident lawyers at Blevins and Adams want to help if you have been involved in an accident.

Hundreds of people experience vehicle accidents every year in Florida. Some lead to serious injury, disability, or death; despite efforts of authorities who work toward road, vehicle, and driver safety — motor vehicle accidents still happen. Texting while driving, distracted driving, poor weather conditions, and failure to obey traffic laws are some factors contributing to car crashes.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Florida and suffered injuries, file a personal injury claim. A settlement awarded in a car accident claim can help cover medical costs, long-term medical care, or other types of damages that are not covered by your Florida personal injury protection insurance policy.

After the claim has been filed and the car accident investigated, the Florida car accident attorneys at Blevins and Adams can assist you in many ways. Obtaining legal assistance with your personal injury claim increases the chances of recovering damages and receiving a settlement.

Negotiating The Best Offer

If you attempt to handle the claim alone, the insurer may attempt to offer a lower compensation offer, on the assumption you will take it to end the matter. When you retain the services of the Florida car accident lawyers at Blevins and Adams, they ensure that all damages are addressed in your claim. They are not intimidated by insurance companies and will challenge them until a satisfactory offer is made.

Defending Your Injury Claim in Court

If a fair settlement is not reached for your claim, it may be necessary to take the matter to court. Blevins and Adams are prepared to defend your claim and help you recover the greatest amount in compensation based on the damages you suffered.

Don’t delay — contact the central Florida car accident attorneys at Blevins and Adams Law Group today to get the help and guidance you need.

Here at Blevins and Adams, we take a unique approach to our fee structure. We believe in giving back to the community, so instead of following the usual 1/3 for pre-litigation and 40% for litigation, we will use a 25% fee system from the very beginning to the very end. That means between 8-15% of the extra fees Florida attorneys typically charge you. We believe that the best way to use the extra money is to give back to you and our local community. Of course, there is no fee if we do not win for you. But when we win your case, the lower fee percentage could save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars!

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