What to do if you are injured in a Minor Car Accident

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If you were injured in a car collision in Florida, it is important for you seek medical attention as soon as you can after the accident. In Florida, you only have 14 days to seek medical treatment in order to qualify for your no fault or PIP benefits on your insurance policy. If you fail to seek medical treatment within 14 days, you may lose the benefit of your PIP insurance coverage. It doesn’t matter if you believe that it was a very mild accident or a catastrophic accident.

The first thing that you want to do after a car collision is to determine if anyone, including yourself, is injured from the accident. Some injuries, like concussions and soft tissue issues, are not necessarily readily ascertainable.

It is important that you go to the emergency room or to your own doctor even if you do not believe that you are seriously hurt. Frequently, people become aware of their injuries after several days have passed. Also, injuries tend to get worse days after the accident. If you do not receive medical treatment at the very earliest stages, these injuries can get much worse.

Must I Call the Police?

You should call the police even after minor car accidents to create a record. Sometimes, it can be hard to wait for law enforcement to come to the scene. But it is very important for your case to have the report completed.

Many people want to just exchange insurance information and contact information so they can leave the scene. However, if the information you are given is incorrect or inaccurate, there may be no way to find the correct information once everyone has left the scene. Law enforcement will ensure this information is collected and documented.

If you do not call the police, there will not be an independent report of the accident. When law enforcement arrives, they will note injuries, property damage, road conditions, and they will make a preliminary decision as to fault. It is important to call the police so that you can have this report to present to the insurance companies.

If You Don’t Call the Police…

It can be a crime to leave the scene of an accident without reporting it to law enforcement or exchanging information. So, it is best practice to stay at the scene and wait for law enforcement. Again, it is important to have an independent investigation of the accident. Also, memories fade over time so it is important to have all of the information recorded close to the time of the accident.

If you do not report the accident, the insurance company or any adverse party may be skeptical of your claim. The report by law enforcement creates a reliable record of the accident. Without the report, it may be more difficult to bring a successful claim.

If you were seriously injured in the collision, your PIP insurance may not cover all of your medical bills. In this case, you need to hire Orlando car accident attorneys. The police will investigate the accident when they arrive at the scene. If they determine that you broke any traffic laws, you may receive a ticket. This is another time when you will need a car accident attorney in Orlando FL. You may wish to contest the ticket, and your attorney can help you.

Contact us at the Blevins and Adams Law Group. A car accident attorney in Orlando FL will explain everything to you so that you understand what all of your options will be under this circumstance. It’s important that you understand your case from all possible angles, and only an experienced Orlando minor accident attorney will be able to make sure of this for you. Your attorney will only work in your best interests and protect your rights under Florida law. Contact us today.

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